Myths of Avalon VII

Fallen Heroes

Author: Kyle Bernard <csktech[at]>

Copyrighted: June 27 2004

Category: Crossover

Rating: PG-13

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Avalon central control

The stocky commander left the familiar comfort of his office in a royal fury. His facial muscles tight, so tight that the creases in his face had become pearly white, contrasting with his dark black skin, so dark as to challenge the dress uniform of the Kine in its darkness, flushed with emotion. It was days like this that made the weapon master of Avalon feel far older than his 1300 years. The only thing that was holding the Weapon Master together was his duty. The sword, the katana Kagi'maro, he carried punctuated that heavy burden all too sharply for the commander's taste.

Steadily he marched down the hallway. His footsteps echoed off the empty corridors sounding like a dirge for a funeral. They rang out singing that they had a purpose. Beat by steady beat they advanced on the destination. The man marching did so with a grim purpose, his face locked in misery and pain, he was performing the last duty for his student that he could. < Student… Three hundred years and I still think of her as that scared cadet that came into my office, shaking in her boots, terrified that she was going to be thrown out.

He'd lost friends before, that was nothing new it came with the job, but losing this one, well that was a seahorse of another color. She's been the First to be called on his watch, so he had a special place for her in his heart. What made matters worse was that there was no body to commend to the afterlife. <Typical of her I suppose, she never could do anything in a conventional manor.>

A warm feeling seeped into his mind, as if the sword that he carried was sharing his thoughts and feelings. The feeling projected however was heavily flavored with regret and a sadness so intense that it was palpable an almost electric feeling that hung in the air. The commander wasn't the only one that could feel the tension; many of the Kine warriors were sensitive enough to pick up on Kagi'maro's feelings.

The Commander burst into the Transit Center. "Report," He bellowed in a no nonsense manner.

The technician on duty had never seen the Commander this full of anger before and it left the normally expert man fumbling at the DHD. "Sss… Sir," he stammered. "The gate has been secured and the target coordinates have been locked out of the network."

"That's not good enough," the commander hissed, "Not good enough by half. I want to know why the threat wasn't detected in the first place and I want to know NOW. The heavy man punctuated his words by slamming his hand down on the control panel of the DHD.

Merlin materialized and interceded, "There is no need for you to vent your frustration on this poor man Commander. You know as well and I, that it was a standard exploration mission. It was simply fate that sent Knight Tira'Kithari on this mission."

"You say that as if it should be some comfort," the commander growled in reply. "Well Tira wasn't just another Knight, she was a bearer and I can't see…"

"You make my points Commander, She was a bearer, and as such it was her duty. Tira was the next on the duty list and she went, just as she always did. Commander, this isn't the place for this. Perhaps we can discover more of what happened in the infirmary."

"Go," shouted the leader of the team. "I'll buy you as much time as I can." Though not overly tall, nor was she very impressive if you only took into account physical stature. the leader was undeniably in charge of the team.

"Tira…" her second in command and her husband said.

"Get the wounded back to Avalon and return only when you have a large enough force to beat these bastards. Tell the commander that I want the alert squad in armor if at all possible."

"Tira," he said again reaching for her hand. He knew there was no arguing with her, they'd been married far too long for that. "I'll be back as soon as I can," he tossed a quick kiss in her direction and disappeared in the direction of the stargate with her team.

Tira hesitated for just second, setting explosive charges that she hoped would buy her team the time it needed, Than she also ran for the gate as fast as she could, the alien creatures dogging her every step. Her only saving grace was that suns still hung heavy in the air and the creatures seemed to avoid direct light when ever possible. Panting like a dog and nearly out of breath she was only fifty yards from the gate when she stumbled. The twin titans of defeat, Fear and indecision caught up with her on that lonely spot, as did the alien creatures.

Tira quickly drew the Zat that rested on her hip hoping that even the few seconds that the energy blasts from the weapon would give her precious seconds to prepare herself for the fight. She waved the snake like weapon in a fan like pattern, holding the trigger down as she moved, striking as many of the creatures as she could. The blue energy washed over the black skinned creatures, having little effect. Her team had already learned that the Zat didn't have as much an effect on the creatures as it did on humans, something about a different central nervous system, but she would welcome any delay.

The firefight bought her enough time to rise to her feet and draw Kagi'maro. With her Kind enhanced hearing she could hear the whirring of the gate. That sound was both a blessing and a curse. With the gate open her team could evacuate the wounded members back to Avalon, while at the same time; if the creatures got past her they would also have an opening to her home. That wasn't going to happen if Tira had anything to say about it.

Tira left into the air, reaching an impressive 12 feet high. Even above the height of the alien creatures. She brought Kagi'maro down on the elongated skull of the first monster, slicing it in half. A rancid vapor drifted off the ancient blade as the acid like blood of the alien washed over it.

Tira didn't even take the time to watch the creature fall, she couldn't afford to. She continued her attack. The next creature lost its arm to the keen sharpness of the enhance blade. The one after that lost it extended teeth. Then the next one lost a leg. Tira became a killing machine, losing count of the dead bodies, another attack, and move on. Each time Tira attacked and disengaged, she carefully moved herself closer and closer to the gate and rescue.

Finally the young Kine found herself by the DHD, it was only then she realized that not only was she surrounded, it was hopeless. Digging deep inside herself and drawing every little bit of training and knowledge that Kagi had imparted to her in the last 400 years, she calmed her breathing and stood, waiting for the attack.

The creatures came by the dozens. Their shiny black skin reflecting the twin suns rays back at Tira. The carapace swiveled back and forth and an un-intelligible hiss issued forth from their slimy lips. Tira silently whispered, "Good bye old friend," As she tossed Kagi'maro though the gate. With her last bit of strength Tira'Kithari slammed her hand down on the DHD, disconnecting the worm hole and any chance for escape.

The conference room once again became a place where the brotherhood of the Kine met to mourn a lost soul.


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