Thoughts before combat

Author: Kyle Bernard <csktech[at]>

Kevin Griffen stood back from the crowd, watching Xander's reaction to the new insigna painted on the Hammerheads. He found him self smiling when Xander saw the various raptors that now decorated Warbird flights aircraft, he himself wasnt surprised, well no more than when he walked into the hanger a few nights earlier, only to find the shy young blonde putting the final touches on General Sinclairs craft...

A few days earlier

Kevin grabbed the battered flight jacket and headed out of his room. He had no idea whee he was going, but after trying to sleep for the last few hours and failing miserbly, he figured that anywhere else was better that staring at the same walls, so he did what he always did when he wanted to think, he headed for his plane. "Well its not really mine, but what the hell, any port in a storm. Merlin," He called out into the empty walls.

The AI's hologram apperred in frount of him. "You Captian Griffen?"

Kevin snorted in disgust. "I told you to call me Kevin."

"with two people on the base with the same first name..."

"Never mind." Kevin had already heard tha arguement more times than he could count. "Directions to the hanger please."

"Follow the red path. Please stay out of all restricted areas. We wouldnt want a repeat of the McMurphy incindent."

"thanks I'll be careful."

Kevin walked into teh hanger bay expecting to be alone, instead, on of the Hammerheads was illuminated by very small flood lights and the girl that'd been introduced as Tara was stanging before one of the craft with an airbrush in her hand. "You're a damn good artist."Kevin said he walked up behind her.

Tara jumped slightly and twisted her head. Mr... mr Griffen, you ss ss starlted me. I didnt expect anyone to be here."

"That makes two of us. Im sorry." Kevin was entranced by the quailty of the nose art that Tara had applied. "This is amazing, the detail and the shading... are you going to do all the planes?"

"Yes, Faith and I thought it would help boost morale? Tara grinned and she grabbed a shief of drawings from the work stand. "The eagles are for Iron Eagle flight." She handed the drawings over to Kevin, "and thses are for Warbird Flight"

"Absolutly perfect. Where did you get the designs?

"Merlin had them in his databanks."

Kevin hesitated just a second. "Tara," he asked shyly, "would you do me a favor and paint Leper Colony on mine?

The request puzzled Tara. Sure.... but Why?"

"Just a tribute to some old friends."

"Ok" It was only as Kevin was leaving that she saw the back of the old flight Jacket and the blood red letters and the fifteen yellow bombs below them that the name made sense. Kevin would be flying the Leper Colony into comabt again.



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