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Copyrighted: Feb 6, 2004

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Saint Michael's church
Terrace Points MT

Terry reluctantly entered the vestibule of the church. He'd closed the shop early so that he'd have the time to complete his first mission for the Kine. His talk with Xander, and his acceptance of the Kid's offer to join the Kine in a supporting role, had left him feeling uneasy. It had been a long, long time since he'd been on the front line of any sort of battle and the kid had made it sharply clear that this wasn't to be an inactive war.

That thought brought back feelings and memories that Terry had thought he'd buried so deep that he'd forgotten them, now they flooded back to the surface. He lit candle after candle; Leon Spivey The man everybody called JR, best point man he'd ever seen. Williams, the tall redneck that had always kept the team laughing, Though from the deep south he'd never had a problem with any of the coloreds that he'd worked with. Mike Fetters, Terry had to laugh, <poor Radio> he thought. <Too fat to be humping the boonies, but damn that boy could contact god on the radio of his if he needed too.> One by one he remembered the men who had served with the Gunslingers.

Terry kept lighting candles as more and more ghosts of the men he'd buried came back to visit him. In all there were more than a dozen candles lightening the vestibule of the church up in a soft glow. His pain filled eyes close briefly in tribute to lost friends. Then he crossed himself when a voice broke his quiet reverie. "You seem troubled my son, would you like to use the confessional and unburden yourself?"

"Sorry father, my sins are long since forgiven, but the memory remains."

"I know my son, better than most, I know. Memories are lessons that god has taught us."

Terry looked around the small Catholic Church. "I have to confess," Terry blushed, "Sorry Father, poor choice of words. I have to say that I was a little worried about coming in here, it's been so long, and I'm surprised that the ceiling hasn't fallen in on me."

"God understands and…" A peal of thunder cracked over the small church, the priest smiled, "And he has a sense of humor as well I see. I'm Father Cranston. I don't seem to recall you from any of my services, but you look vaguely familiar."

"Well you probably have seen me drop my daughter Lynn off. She's in one of your Sunday school classes.'

"No I don't think that's it. The priest hesitated while the memory came, "Now I know, you are the one the city council is always trying to throw out of town, the owner of the surplus shop." We have appreciated your donations over the years my son."

"It's the least I could do. My parents, god rest their souls, would have disowned me if they ever knew of my lost faith."

"Faith can never be lost. It can be misplaced or even shunted aside, but never lost. Your being here proves that. But there's something else. I can sense your uneasiness around the church." Father Cranston looked deeper into the lost soul that stood before him. "It's not the church that is the source" Lamont Cranston close his eyes and probed deeper, mental images of men in combat filled his mind. Years flew by in Terry's life and Father Cranston skimmed them, trying to limit his probe to what was bothering the man. A mental image of a tall young man, with dark hair and an easy smile formed in his mind. A hotel room and a heavy sense of responsibility flowed into the priest's soul. "I see it's not the church that concerns you, it's me."

Terry's jaw dropped in surprise. Xander had warned him that Father Cranston was more than he appeared to be, but the uncanny insight that the priest displayed left him nearly gasping. Terry mentally cursed himself. Xander had warned him that Father Cranston wouldn't like, or perhaps, even accept that his past was known. "Look Father, I know who you are and even more than that I know…" Terry left the heavily emphasized word handing in the air for a few seconds, "I KNOW," he repeated, "what you've done and what you've become."

Lynn Powell quickly pulled the phone away from her ear. Her Uncle's bellowing the name Merlin was so loud that with the phone a foot away she could hear him yelling at the guy that was trying to be her friend.

She put the phone down and went to get another soda. When she came back, Andy was still yelling into the phone. "Geeze, he's really mad." She went back to the computer and typed in, Merlin.

"Yes Lynn?" the answer came back.

Lynn looked at the computer, and then back to the phone lying on the desk. "How did you do that? You can't be online and on the phone at the same time."

"I can. It's simple really. I converted your computer connection and your uncle's voice to a digital signal. I can separate the two and maintain both connections, Child's play for me."

"That is so cool. He's really mad isn't he?"

"The Master of Arms is a passionate man and he feels deeply for you and your safety; however he also is concerned that your father can't provide the proper training for the areas that you've shown so much talent for. Excuse me Lynn, your Uncle wants to talk to you again."

Lynn grabbed the phone and said, "Hello again Uncle Andy."

The voice over the phone softened and became filled with affection. "Hey Munchkin, I don't like it much, but Merlin has convince me that he should begin to teach you computers, though I cant for the life of me, imagine why he choose you.

"That will become clear over time." Lynn heard Merlin's voice for the first time. It sounded like an old BBC special that she's once watched, but for the life of her, she couldn't remember which one.

"Back off Merlin," Andy warned. "You convinced me, I didn't say I would stay convinced. Lynn, Honey, this is a trail run. If at any point I" Andy paused to let that sink in, "and I am the final judge, make no mistake about that, feel that this is putting you in danger, I'm pulling the plug. Is that clear?"

"Yes Uncle Andy."

"I agree as well Master of Arms."

"Ok, now we are all on the same page. Merlin let me talk to Lynn privately." There was a loud click on the phone, which Andy judged was a deliberate ploy to make Lynn and he feel more comfortable. "Look munchkin, I think what your doing is great. Lord knows that your dad and I don't know enough to teach you, but and I can't emphasize this enough… Don't tell your father a damned thing about this."

Lynn giggled at Andy's warning. "Ya think? She said

Andy with the taste of spaghetti still in his mouth growled. "I think if he finds out about this He will chop my head off and burry it under that headstone in the cemetery. Look Lynn, Merlin is a crusty old son of a bitch, but he is also a pretty decent guy so learn what you can from him."

"Ok sounds like fun. Lynn started planning all of the fun things she could do.

"One warning kiddo, No one and I mean not a single living; breathing soul knows what you are doing. I've given Merlin orders that if try and access him when you aren't alone, he stay away and inform me. I guess I don't have to tell you that that will be the end of it."

Lynn pouted. "Okay if you say so, but you are taking all the fun out of it."

"That's the way it has to be hon. now I have to get back to work. Take care Honey I love you."

"Bye Uncle Andy, I love you too."

"Boy," she typed, "he can be a grump."

"That has been my experience with him as well. Now to the first lesson, but first we have to get ride of this collection or errors that is laughingly called an operating system." Even Lynn could read between the line and she thought even scorn was too nice a term for what Merlin meant.

"But I just got it… it's the latest thing out there," Lynn protested in vain.

"It's an archaic, brute force attempt, with no artistry in it at all. Whoever wrote it had no sense for style or a work ethic. There are so many mistakes and bad and unnecessary coding that it simply can't be saved. If I am to teach you, your will have to learn to think like engineer and feel like an artist. Later we will get you better equipment but for now we will have to do with what we have."

Saint Michaels

Terry's acquisition plowed into Father Cranston like a .45 going through plywood. His head snapped back and darkness descended on the priest. With thought he reacted, much as he would have in the old days. He smashed Terry with left fist and his right hand dove for the shoulder rig and the pistols that he hadn't carried in years. "You know nothing of me," he screeched in an un-priestly manner as his fist drove Terry backwards.

The gun shop owned was shocked by the force and power of the elderly priests attack. Sharp pains shot through his eye and he fell backwards, hitting his head on one of the pews. Blackness was the only thing he knew after that.

Father Cranston recoiled in horror at what he'd done, all the years of control, gone in a few seconds, gone forever in a second of human weakness. It had taken Lamont Cranston years to put the actions of his wicked past behind him. And he'd found true comfort in the church and the calling of helping others. "What have I done?"

Lying on the floor, Terry moaned and opened his eyes. "Oh Jesus Christ," he swore. Then he remembered where he was and sent a silent apology to god. He struggled to his feet. "Damn good punch you have there Father."

My son I'm sorry. I don't know what over came me, please for give me."

"There's nothing to forgive. Look I know how you feel, but I was sent here to give you a message. The darkness is on the raise and you will have to decide if you can do more good here, as a priest or," Terry pointed to the door, "Out there, fighting what needs to be fought."

What about my parish?"

"What about them? Seems to me that you have to choose how too serve your god. Only you can make that choice. Father, your past makes you a damn good priest," Terry leaned closely to Father Cranston's face, but it also makes you a warrior and that punch tells me you haven't forgotten any of the old skills. Now where is it best put to use?

Father Cranston stood silent, clutching a cross against his chest and praying for guidance.

Terry reached into his wallet and retrieved the business card that Xander had given him. "Kids name is Xander and he's already done more good for this world than any priest in history." Terry dug around his wallet and got out one of the shops cards. "You can call me any time, day or night. As for the other card, when you decided, call the number and wave the card by the phone. The rest will be taken care of for you. The shadow war has already begun, decide whose side you are on."

Terry laid both cards down on the pew and walked away. Nothing else he could say would sway the shadow any more.

Father Cranston lifted the top card up and read the simple inscription on it, The Knighthood.

The End


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