Weapon Shop 2

Tricks of the Trade

Author: Kyle Bernard <csktech[at]yahoo.com>

Copyrighted: Dec 21, 2002

Category: Crossover

Rating: R

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Summary: Dragan gets a new gun

Based in Tenhawk's Journeyverse this story in meant to compliment his visions. I am not the writer that Ten is and never will be but I count him a friend and thank him for letting me play in his universe and even destroy them once or twice. Big thanks to Nuc for letting me play with Dragan for a short while

Author's Notes: <…> indicates thoughts. //…// Indicates telepathy.

Authors Note Huge thanks to Tenhawk for his help with this and all of my stories. If he didn't let me play in his verse, my life would be less joyful. And as Always to Robert Stevenson, The editor from whom I can never give enough credit to.

Author's Note: Ok cal me anal, but when I read ten's last part I just had to figure out how Andy was gonna make suppressors without destroying the 5.7's. Well this is how he did it. Enjoy.

"Kid do you have any idea what you're asking?" Andy had fallen back into the habit of talking to himself while he worked.

He stared at the olive drab pistols shaking his head. "Damn kid thinks this is a candy story. He walks in with guns that have my mark and orders suppressor like then grow on trees. Never mind that I have no spare parts for them and the fucking barrels are going to have to be custom made."

Even as he bitched about the job that Xander handed him, Andy hands tore the pistols down and the back of his mind started calculating what he would need to finish the job. < Inch and a quarter aluminum tube stock, No problem, the caps will be simple enough. I think I can adapt the baffles from the old Ingram design. Thank god I already have the CNC program for those. > Andy stared at the parts laid out before him. A flash of genius hit him like a thunder bolt, <The front bushing, oh that's the ticket. >

Andy rolled over to the CNC and recalled the suppressor program and them he loaded a block or aluminum into the chuck. He set the other nine blocks off to the side. "It's going to be a long night." Andy rolled his chair into the office. He picked up the calipers and began measuring the front bushing.

The gunsmith sat over the Mylar drawing and reached for his ninth cup of coffee that night. He'd had to measure every line and curve of the front bushing. Whoever designed the thing in the first place had access to better machine equipment then he'd ever seen. It wasn't that it couldn't be done, just the opposite, what he found difficult to believe was that it could be manufactured on any large scale, at anything close to a reasonable cost.

Andy leaned back, stretching neck muscles that had become cramped in the course of the long night. <Damn that feels good. > He thought. <I'm not getting any younger, > Andy smiled to himself, <or any older for that matter. > A warning buzzer broke through his thoughts and Andy backed his wheelchair away from the drafting board and headed into the machine shop.

Lifting the protective hood, Andy reached into the bowels of the mill and unchucked the 4x4x8 block of aluminum, or what remained of it. Most of the metal was left in the mil. What Andy pulled out a shiny spiral of metal that would act as the primary baffles. That, combined with some very illegal asbestos batting, would absorb 85 percent of the expanding gases when the bullet passed through the newly made suppressor.

Andy faced a decision, one that grated on him. To do the job right, he should tap the cylinder that would hold the guts of the suppressor, That way they could be disassembled and replaced. Time however wasn't on his side. Every time Xander came in he always needed everything yesterday. Andy was sure Xander would be in tomorrow, or the next day, asking about his guns. There was a short cut he could use, he could weld the caps to the tube and that would save several hours. Andy decided to compromise, He'd build the first two with welded tubes and the rest with the proper thread. <Far from perfect, but it's the best I can do, for now. >

Andy flipped the visor up and inspected his work. The seams of the tube were so nicely joined that even he couldn't see them. He set the pair of suppressors aside and laid the welding helmet on the MIG welder. <Time for the hard part. >

Noon the next day found Andy sitting in front of the older mill that he'd picked up cheap at auction. The CNC was fine for bulk jobs, but for the really fine stuff he stilled preferred to work by hand. Now was the moment of truth. The freshly milled part was still warm from the machining when he reassembled one of the Five sevens.

Andy slapped a full magazine into the butt of the weapon and cycled the slide. He aimed the gun down the water trap and slowly emptied the clip. <So far, so good. > Andy checked the new bushing for any signs of wear and finding none, he spun one of the 6 inch suppressors on to the threaded protrusion of the new bushing. < Now the real test! > He flipped the selector to the full up position and cut loose.

"Not to bad for less than a days work. Now all I need in one more bushing and eight more tubes." Andy rolled back into the shop. "Damn kid better appreciate this," he mumbled to himself.


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