World Rulers

Author: BigHead <bigheadfics[at]>

Disclaimer: Don't own anyone but my bills. So, no suing allowed on the premises.

Summary: The world is in grave danger every single night, as Xander will most definitely learn.

Rating: LOL

Author's Notes: Hope Tenhawk doesn't kill me.

Feedback: You kidding, right? It's the stuff fics are made of. So, throw them.


Xander was awake instantly, muscles ready for fighting faster than some people blinked. Merlin had an order placed to only wake up him in case something terrible was happening.

"Sorry to wake you, Commander, but we have an. . . oddity happening."

"Oddity?" he asked, sitting on the bed.

"We received a package."

That threw Xander into a loop. "A. . . package? In Avalon?"

"Not exactly. I've received an encoded message, broadcast in several different dialects, in a variety of mediums, from radio waves to e-mail to morse code."

"You sure the message was for you?"

"The message header is for one 'Merlin the Magician' and the encryption is pretty good, if I might say so myself. You know any other Merlin that can decrypt a 1024-bit encrypted message?"

"Thankfully not," he mumbled, and winced when Elan voiced her very *loud* opinions. "Okay, what does this message contains?"

"Coordinates and a phrase, 'Pick me up.'"

Xander stood up, dressing his jeans quickly. "So? Where are these coordinates?"

"An small island, in the middle of the Pacific. I've pointed a satellite to it, and there is just a few trees and sand, and there is a small package waiting there. According to my readings, it is a cage."

"A cage?" he stopped in his tracks.

"Yes, and the infrared profile shows that there are two rats inside of it."

"Rats? Who sent the message?"

"I've managed to track the sender to a small laboratory, ACME."

The End … ?


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